We respectfully and gratefully request that non-New Jersey residents looking to volunteer their health professional/medical/clinical skills complete a volunteer application at

For non-New Jersey residents having skills other than health professional/medical/clinical who are interested in volunteering, kindly complete the volunteer application at

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with the NJMRC. Before we set you up to volunteer, you will need to register with the NJLMN. Users who may have volunteered in the past are also required to register with the NJLMN. The registration process includes building your NJLMN profile where we gather information such as your email, password and address.

After you complete the NJLMN registration, your account with the NJLMN will be created and you will proceed to complete the NJMRC application to volunteer. Some information in the NJMRC application is required, as we will need to communicate with our volunteers.

Again, thank you and lets begin your registration.

  • If you ARE REGISTERED with the NJLMN, you need only sign in by providing your username and password, HERE.

  • If you ARE REGISTERED but do not remember your password please use the forgot password page HERE.

  • If you ARE REGISTERED but do not remember your username please contact the NJLMN helpdesk HERE.

  • If you ARE NOT REGISTERED and want to volunteer with the NJMRC as a new or existing volunteer please BEGIN YOUR REGISTRATION