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Interested in learning more about the New Jersey public health licensure process? Health officer and registered environmental health specialist (REHS) licenses are issued to candidates who meet education, training, and experience requirements, and successfully pass the examination for licensure. Contact the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), Office of Local Public Health’s (OLPH) Public Health Licensure and Compliance Unit by phone at 609.292.4993, via email at, or online at

OLPH invites requests for COVID-19 Public Health Professional Licensure Reactivation among inactive health officers and/or registered environmental health specialists in the State of New Jersey to bolster local COVID-19 response and delivery of essential public health services. Learn more at Contact NJDOH's Office of Local Public Health (OLPH) by phone at 609.292.4993 or online at

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NJ MRC Unit Coordinators


We respectfully and gratefully request that non-New Jersey residents looking to volunteer their health professional/medical/clinical skills complete a volunteer application at

For non-New Jersey residents having skills other than health professional/medical/clinical who are interested in volunteering, kindly complete the volunteer application at

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a network of community-based, locally organized units comprised of volunteers who help ensure their communities are healthy, prepared, and resilient. MRC volunteers are pre-identified, pre-registered, trained, and exercised. In addition to promoting healthy living throughout the year, MRC volunteers are especially vital during emergencies and disasters when paid public health and emergency response assets are overwhelmed.

In New Jersey there are 24 MRC Units housed within local health departments. Each county in New Jersey has at least one Medical Reserve Corps Unit. MRC health professional volunteers include nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, doctors, counselors, social workers, and veterinarians. MRC community health volunteers provide services such as language translation/interpretation, education and outreach, hospitality, food services, reception, logistics, security, and assistance to individuals with disabilities, access and functional needs.

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